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CLSA University offers courses to students who are training for a career in contact lens fitting. This on-line University is for your use. We have developed a number of courses, ranging from freshman level to advanced, to help you learn what you need to know to gain your certification.  

We hope that you will look through the course descriiptions and find what you need.

Here is the way it works. Each course is rated according to skill level. Just like a regular University, freshman courses end in 101, 102, etc., and, in general, the higher the course number, the more difficult the information presented. Some courses are in multimedia format as a lecturer and some are in PDF format as study materials. Each course is sold separately and course information is made available after we receive each payment. You may take courses sequentially and proceed at your own pace. A quiz at the end of the course will determine whether or not you receive a certificate from CLSA.

If you would like to get started right away, the first step is to register as a user. There are no charge to register but registering means that you get behind the scene a bit more than visitors to peruse course information.

Click here to view our Course Catalog.