Who We Are

CLSA is a network of highly skilled professionals making a difference in the lives of contact lens wearers every day. Members come from opticianry, optometry, ophthalmology, and the contact lens manufacturing and services industry. They educate consumers, find solutions to challenging cases, and help to increase patient comfort and satisfaction. They design and manufacture innovative lenses and products, and are on the cutting edge of contact lens technological advances. Through education, resources, and service, the Society supports these distinguished professionals and gives students and career starters the opportunity to increase their contact lens knowledge and skills. iaw

CLSA Mission

CLSA is dedicated to the education, promotion and advancement of the contact lens profession. The objective of CLSA is to promote education, mutual understanding and cooperation among all persons interested in contact lens fitting through the following means:
  • The dissemination of information to the membership.
  • The fostering of forums to interact and exchange knowledge and information.
  • Establishment of a Foundation to support contact lens education.
  • The promotion of the highest business and ethical standards in all phases of contact lens fitting.
  • The promotion of educational activities for fostering the use of contact lenses, the scientific research of contact lenses, and the improvement of the contact lens fitting industry.
  • To support any other means similar to, but not limited to, those listed above to meet the objective of the Society, all to be promoted, transacted or carried on without pecuniary profit.

To achieve these goals, CLSA embraces high standards of professional and personal conduct. In order to maintain the high standards set forth, all members are expected to subscribe to the CLSA Code of Ethics.

CLSA Code of Ethics

  1. I will set a good example of a contact lens professional for all Society Members.
  2. I shall willingly share knowledge, skills, and experience with other Members.
  3. I will provide the most appropriate care for my clients/patients.
  4. I will be mindful of my obligation to respect the laws of my nation and the general welfare of my community.
  5. I will respect and preserve the confidence and rights of the public, my coworkers and peers.

‚ÄčThe objective and goal of our Code of Ethics is to emphasize the professional aspirations to which all CLSA members must aspire. Failure to do so may be deemed detrimental to the Society and its membership. Those who violate the CLSA Code of Ethics will be reminded of their obligations as a member. CLSA retains the right to deny membership or renewal of membership to anyone who does not abide by the Code.


For over 60 years CLSA has been The Society for contact lens professionals.