Code of Ethics

As a CLSA member, I aspire that:
  1. I will set a good example of a contact lens professional for all Society Members.
  2. I shall willingly share knowledge, skills, and experience with other Members.
  3. I will provide the most appropriate care for my clients/patients.
  4. I will be mindful of my obligation to respect the laws of my nation and the general welfare of my community.
  5. I will respect and preserve the confidence and rights of the public, my coworkers and peers.

The objective and goal of our Code of Ethics is to emphasize the professional aspirations to which all CLSA members must aspire. Failure to do so may be deemed detrimental to the Society and its membership. Those who violate the CLSA Code of Ethics will be reminded of their obligations as a member. CLSA retains the right to deny membership or renewal of membership to anyone who does not abide by the Code.